2022 On Iowa!

August 13th - 21st, 2022

Welcome back to On Iowa!. 2022 marks the twelfth year for the On Iowa! program (though year 10 and 11 looked significantly different). We truly appreciate your support with this University-wide initiative. Thank you for considering to be a volunteer to welcome our Class of 2026 and transfer students. We can't wait to see you (in person)!

Special Notes:

1) Many of our confirmation emails get sent directly to spam. If you don't receive one within five minutes, try looking there.

2) Resident hall students who want to volunteer and have their early move-in fees waived should sign up here instead: https://housing.uiowa.edu/move-in-volunteer. Questions that you have may have can be directed res-education@uiowa.edu

3) Very few opportunities have an associated password. Please disregard the password box if you were NOT given one prior to registration.

4) If you are volunteering with a group (e.g. office, student club), please have everyone sign up individually so we capture the correct information. If you need special arrangements for your group, please send us an email with your request: oniowaprogram@uiowa.edu.

5) Not all jobs/opportunities may currently be listed (they may be full or not yet ready to be posted). Please check back or feel free to email us regarding a certain shift.

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You are a Volunteer if you provide services to or on behalf of the University and have no legal duty to do so, have no personal interest or gain from the activity, and receive no compensation or consideration (except expense reimbursement) for the services you provide.

Liability and Insurance Information for Volunteers. Volunteers are considered University employees while acting within the scope of their authorized duties. Chapter 669 of the Code of Iowa provides that the state will defend, indemnify and hold its employees harmless against liability claims of wrongful death, personal injury or property damage as a result of the negligence of the employee while acting in the scope of their employment. Claims of intentional injury, gross negligence, malfeasance in office, and criminal acts are not covered.

Use of Volunteer's Personal Autos Is Not Authorized. Volunteers are not required to use their own personal vehicles in service to the University. If authorized in writing by the University, the volunteer may be eligible for reimbursement of mileage in accordance with University policy. In the event of any accident, the volunteer's own personal insurance is primary and must respond to liability claims of other parties and passengers. The University will not reimburse the owner or driver for damages to the vehicle or other personal property in the vehicle.

Injuries - Covered by Workers Compensation. Volunteers are covered under the University's workers compensation program for payment of medical costs, for injuries sustained in the scope of employment.

Student Volunteers. If academic credit is received by the student for participating in a University event or providing services associated with the student's academic study, the student is deemed to have a personal benefit in the activity. In these cases, the student is not covered by the University's workers compensation. The student must rely on his/her own personal health insurance to respond to illness or injury.

Volunteer Agreement:
I have read and I understand the above information. I am voluntarily choosing to participate in the following volunteer opportunity/opportunities.

By submitting my registration form and providing my electronic signature in the box below I understand that the University of Iowa / University College is appointing me as a volunteer for the ON IOWA program according to the terms outlined above.